Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Sales Mastery:Sales 101

    • Introduction: What is Selling?

    • Webinar I: Overcoming Sales Challenges during COVID-19

    • Webinar II: Overcoming Sales Challenges during COVD-19

    • Accompanying Presentation for both webinars

    • Demystifying Sales jargon

    • Your Winning Formula (aka your fly wheel)

  • 2


    • Your schooling limits you.

    • What is selling?

    • Your peak performance strategy

  • 3


    • Are you selling to the right person?

    • Why copying is good for you

    • Time Management: The devil is in the details

  • 4


    • Are you really ready to meet the prospect?

    • How to ask for the appointment

    • How to get past gatekeepers

    • Utilize any of these FIVE methods to open the sale

    • English please...How to overcome jargon

  • 5


    • Problem Identification or Problem Solving

    • Sales magic: Selling to how they buy

    • Use this doctor's formula for asking insightful questions

    • Are you listening or are you hearing?

    • Are you listening or are you hearing? II

  • 6


    • What to say to "You are pricey" and such other objections

    • The 3 Steps to, and practical ways of, closing the sale

    • Never leave before doing this

  • 7


    • These mistakes can cost you the sale

    • Choose your words carefully

    • What to say to, "Send us a quote"

    • Don't yield to, "Give us a discount." Say this instead....